USC’s Sanchez May Be Costly, But What Will NOT Drafting Him Cost?

Dave Hutchinson, reporter for The Star-Ledger, is reporting today that the cost for the Jets to move up to the 8th spot in the draft to acquire USC QB Mark Sanchez is simply too high. In an article found on this morning’s Star-Ledger website, Dave predicts the Jets would have to give up their first round (17th over-all) pick as well as 2nd and 4th round picks to the Jacksonville Jaguars in order to position themselves at the 8th spot to hopefully get their man.

It is true that QB is not the only position in question in New York. Jets management foolishly let our only veteran TE, Chris Baker, go to ‘The Land Where Jets Players Go To Succeed’ (that’s New England for those not paying attention) and with Laveranues Coles gone to the Cincinnati Bengals, a speedy wide out that demands double coverage is sorely missing as well.

With three well publicized holes in your organization, it becomes absolutely essential to prioritize those needs when addressing draft day decisions.

Fans and analyst alike seem split down the middle with one side arguing a need for a QB of the future and the other claiming the QB of the future is sitting on the bench so let’s address our needs at TE and WR. So who is right here?

Let me explain why the Jets need to make a big play for the likes of a Mark Sanchez.

This organization plays in one of the richest sports markets in the country and have yet to lay claim to an honest to God marquee QB since Joe ‘Wily’ Namath left town.

Having shared a stadium built on someone else’s dime for more than 20 years, what exactly is this organization doing with all its ‘sold out every Sunday’ money? When the Giants needed their man at the QB position, they moved heaven and earth to get Eli Manning. Someone want to argue they made a mistake?

It’s been 2 years since the Jets have seen the post season. Their last division win was in 2002 and their last playoff win came in 2004. Jets fans are tired of the fray. The out cry against ‘The Same Old Jets’ has reached fever pitch in the greater metropolitan area and with the coming PSL ordeal, expectations are boiling over.

Rex Ryan and crew go charging into the coming season with Kellen Clemens at QB and anything short of a deep playoff run will be a public relations disaster. Have the same exact season with Mark Sanchez at the helm and the talk will go something like this, “…this was a great learning experience for the young, rookie QB. Look for Sanchez and the Jets to do great things in 2010.”.

So OK, you move down to grab TE Brandon Pettigrew and with this years draft class reportedly being WR heavy, you nab a Brian Robiskie or even Rutgers’ Kenny Britt in the second round…what do you do now at QB?

The best in this years QB class are likely to be gone in the first 8 to 10 picks. How smart is it to settle on a player who couldn’t win the job from the guy you ran out of town?

There is little doubt that giving away 3 picks in the current draft is quite a price tag for one player, but what is the cost to the Jets if they don’t?