Jets To Draft Sanchez? Don’t Bet On It!

Surfing around the web today I was hit by an epiphany of sorts. Anyone who thinks have a shot at nabbing QB is basically delusional. All this talk and debate about and is just never going to happen.

Never, ever.

Over the last week, the fervor over Sanchez has grown to a fever pitch, raising the ’s draft stock to titanic proportions. Clifton Brown, reporting for the, claims no less than six teams are courting the former Southern Cal quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks, and are eyeing Sanchez with top 10 picks in hand. Add to that list of the , , and , all of whom may be more desperate and willing to trade up into the top five to get him.

Much has been made in the last 24 hours about how high a price would have to pay to get their man and if it would be worth the cost.

According to many, would have to pony up no less than three picks, including their one and only first rounder, just for a chance to draft the potential star athlete. Just for a chance!

I assure you, the problem is not going to be the price…it’s going to be trying to get past all the other bozos climbing over themselves to get at this guy.

Mind you all this maneuvering and jockeying for position moves from 17th to eighth, assuming Jacksonville is agreeable to a deal. The big problem with this plan is that there is no earthly way Sanchez is still on the board past the fourth or fifth picks. There are simply too many vultures, with far more wiggle room than , circling this carcass.

Outside of a mega ‘just take all of our picks’ deal, a scenario so far-fetched I can’t believe I even said it, best chances of acquiring a QB to compliment the current unproven stable, probably resides in a pretty equally far-fetched deal alluded to in a report by Dave Hutchinson at The Star-Ledger last night. I find it hard to believe that the quarterback of future is named Jason Campbell. Other possibilities?

can always hope that ’s Browns land him with the fifth pick (I find it highly unlikely he drops this far). Mangini has publicly expressed a willingness to trade , so could still land a decent, young talent to run the offense in this scenario. Of course, the caveat here being that the jury is still out on just how well Quinn will play out as the ‘face’ of an organization.