Is Chris Johnson The Answer?

Former running back is now a New York Jet. Five years removed from his two-thousand yard season, Jets fans everywhere are now anxious to see what impact his presence will have on what has been an anemic offensive squad for far longer than any Jets fan wants to admit.

Johnson is 28 years old, has rushed for 1,000 yards in each of his six professional seasons and is one of only seven men to ever rush for 2,000 yards in a season. Despite the steady production, the Titans released Johnson to avoid paying him the $8 million he was due for the 2014 season.

Their loss, our gain….or is it?

Is the answer the New York Jets have been waiting for?

Marty Mornhinweg certainly thinks so. While I will refrain from putting Johnson up on the same estal, I do believe Johnson is still an impact type player.

With the “demotion” of Tomlinson in favor of Shonn Greene in 2011, have had nothing but question marks at the running back position ever since. Greene had his moments but never blossomed into the kind of ground threat so desperately needed in order to keep the often sputtering Mark Sanchez led offense in a position to succeed. Over the last 2 seasons, there has been a bit of a revolving door at the position as basically threw the proverbial kitchen sink at the problem while trying to find a winning combination.

Jets running back gashed the Saints. Photo: Getty Images

Last season, the signing of from the Saints gave hope of a return to running dominance. While it is true that Ivory had his best statistical year and  rushing game was ranked 6th overall, it was painfully obvious that there was not enough consistency in the running game to bail out fledgling who had his own well documented struggles in 2013.

The combination of , Bilal Powell and fullback Tommy Bohanon in 2013 never posed a threat that opposing defenses took very seriously. Of course, it would be unfair not mention the fact that every single defense we faced knew that if they stop the running game…there was no real passing game to worry about.

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Be that as it may, it does not remove from the fact that the key to a successful 2014 campaign rests in ability to literally hit the ground running. The addition of at the position helps shore up a piece of the offense that has long been a question mark but the writing on the wall seems to say that second year man is the starter for this team in 2014. With that being the case, a solid running game is a must.

A healthy , in conjunction with and Bilal Powell, represents a return to the kind of ground attack this team was built around. While I hold no illusions that Johnson will bring us a 2,000+ season, I do envision a solid and productive season, barring injury, from the back.

“We’ve got a great defense. Those guys stop the opposing offense a lot. Any time you have a good defense like that and you can get a running game going and get some playmakers making plays on offense, it makes that team very tough to beat.” –

I predict Johnson will gain at least 1,200 yards on the ground this season. In 6 total seasons in the NFL, Johnson has run for less than 1,200 yards only twice, in 2011 and 2013. I believe that the key to his success lies in his commitment to training this off-season. Johnson’s numbers have been slowly slipping the last couple years and I believe that the star back has been relying a little too much on his “natural” talents.

Johnson played nearly the entire 2013 season with a torn meniscus in the knee and will need to focus this off-season on rehabilitating his injury to get back to form.

Johnson has hit the glass ceiling faced by most “ageing” running backs. Only a full commitment to preparing for the coming season will get Johnson where he needs to be in order to have the type of football season both he and organization so desperately want and need. Fortunately, for us fan, Johnson’s release by the Titans may be the catalyst needed to propel him to the level of performance we crave.

Expect Johnson to play with a chip on his shoulder this coming season, as he will be determined to prove to the Titans,  and the football world that reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated.

– 2013 Stats
Rushing Receiving Fumbles
GP Att Yds Avg Yds/G Long Rec Yds Long Fum Lost
16 279 1,077 3.9 67.3 30T 6 42 345 66T 4 3 2

Of course, only time will tell how great an impact the signing of will have on 2014 season. I am hopeful for the best.

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