Has Tannenbaum’s Time Finally Come?

The New York Jets stink. In fact, the stench is reaching epic proportions.

The evidence of the Jets demise has been clearly seen ever since the very public on field fiasco between , and the rest of the organization. What has not been so clear to see is, who is to blame?

I have little doubt that most of you just thought of . Some of you probably thought of as well. Some of you probably thought of both, but how many of you had ’s name come up?

and make for easy targets but are they truly the issue with this team? I believe the real root of this teams problems are not named Rex or Mark but Mike instead. General manager is the actual problem with this team. It is Tannenbaum who we need to better examine as it is he who is helping to fill our roster with names that will never amount to anything.Want to blame Sanchez? Well, who exactly does Sanchez have for support out there? ? ? Seriously, who are these guys? What exactly have these guys done to warrant a pass? What about or for that matter? What have they done for our team?

Truthfully, there is precious little in terms of a viable support group around our fledgling quarterback. The out cry for to be brought in are merely the desperate clutching at straws. The book on Tebow has been out since before his draft day and it has been proven ever since. There is a reason why big John Elway wasn’t too hot on the youngster and why even now he hasn’t managed to wrestle the starting job away from Sanchez.

Tebow is a wonderful athlete and can be exciting to watch but I am not going to be holding my breath for his chances to succeed as a starting in the anytime soon.

No my friends, the real issue with this team is sitting in the front office every Sunday. Now let’s not forget that Tannenbaum has done some great things for us, and he surely deserves some credit for a job well done in some areas but I am seriously questioning his eye for talent.

The New York Jets are not in trouble because of a brash talking head coach or a slightly immature quarterback, no their troubles are due to lacking talent in too many other key areas offensively and defensively. Not to mention a number of older, fading players…, I’m looking at you. The New York Yankees might be able to get away with hiring older guys everyone thinks is washed up but our beloved Jets just aren’t that lucky.

Hell, the mighty Yankees are proving to be not that lucky.

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