Kaepernick To The Jets?

The collective ears of Jets fans everywhere perked up this morning as an interesting scenario is quietly unfolding as today’s 4pm trade deadline looms.
The San Francisco 49ers have benched one time franchise QB Colin Kaepernick in favor of the former Jacksonville Jaguars 2011 1st round pick Blaine Gabbert.


News that does not bode well for the rest of the 49ers 2015 NFL season hopes but makes for interesting trade fodder as Rich Cimini, via ESPN.com, is reporting that Kaepernick to the Jets is a tangible possibility.

Financially, the six-year, $114 million contract Kaepernick is currently playing under is not the obstacle it may appear to be as there is no fully guaranteed money beyond the $5.5 million already owed to him for the remainder of this season. The down side would come via any injury to Kaepernick this season because his contract is guaranteed for injury only. This would put the Jets behind the eight ball for Kaepernick’s 2016 salary of $11.9 million.

Thanks to Kaepernick’s current salary structure, the Jets can take him for the rest of this season and still have the option to drop him before April 1st…the day Kaepernick’s salary becomes guaranteed.

From a team perspective, the real question is which Kaepernick are the Jets getting? Will it be the 2012 Super Bowl bound Kaepernick or are the Jets doomed to suffer another inept addition to an already distraught QB corp?

At only 28 years old, Kaepernick has the potential to be the missing piece at QB for the long suffering Jets, who have been clamoring for a solution at QB ever since an aging Brett Favre showed them just what a true elite QB can do for a team.

A lesson revisited by the Jets this Sunday when starter Ryan Fitzpatrick was sidelined by an injured thumb just minutes into their first offensive drive. Having no choice, the hapless Jets rolled out Geno Smith, gas can and matches in hand. The very presence of the man on the field seemed to burn and eradicate all desire and hope for a win in Oakland to a crisp. I wouldn’t expect much improvement in Jacksonville if the Jets are forced to start Geno. That is, if Geno is available to start…or even asked to start for that matter.


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